Grey Aura release «2: De bezwijkende deugd»

Cover photo by Sven Signe den Hartogh.
Last week, we wrote about the then upcoming Grey Aura demo «2: De bezwijkende deugd», released yesterday by Tartarus Records, and its source novel, «De protodood in zwarte haren», written by the band’s Ruben Wijlacker and released last Friday. Now that the former has been released, the Dutch label made it available for streaming in its entirety through their bandcamp, which we highly recommend you do below.

«2: De bezwijkende deugd» was released on February 11 by Tartarus Records on cassette and digital formats, both of which are (at the time of writing) still available at this location.

Recall that Grey Aura is set to perform at Roadburn Festival on Sunday, April 14 (more information here). The band is also involved with the Maalstroom commissioned piece that will be performed the day before.


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