Nusquama release «Horizon Ontheemt»

Today, Eisenwald and Haeresis Noviomagi are teaming up to release «Horizon Ontheemt», the debut album by Dutch black metal quintet Nusquama (see previous piece on this release here). Now that the album has officially been released, it is now possible to fully stream it through the band’s bandcamp, which you can do below, thereby allowing yourself to judge to what extent the approaches developed by the five musicians through their work in bands like Fluisteraars, Laster, Solar Temple, and Turia bleed through their newest endeavour.

«Horizon Ontheemt» was officially released today, March 22, on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats through Eisenwald and Haeresis Noviomagi and can be purchased at this location.


Recall Nusquama are set to play their first ever live show at this year’s Roadburn, where «Horizon Ontheemt» will be played in its entirety on Sunday, April 14, at the Green Room. A subsequent live appearance has been confirmed for July 6, when the band will join forces with fellow dutch black metal acts Doodswens and Grey Aura to play at the Antwerp Music City in Belgium (more information on the event available here). Further note that both Doodswens and Grey Aura have recently released demos, both of which can be found below.

«Demo I», the debut demo by Doodswens, was released on February 2019 by Headbangers Records on cassette, cd, and digital formats. It can be found here (cassette and cd) and here (digital).

«2: De bezwijkende deugd» was released on March 11 by Tartarus Records on cassette and digital formats, with the former still available at this location and the latter at this one. You can check our previous pieces on «2: De bezwijkende deugd» here and here.

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