Kompakt releases a Patrice Bäumel digital single

Last Friday, German label Kompakt, through its Kompakt Extra subsidiary, released a new digital single by renowned producer Patrice Bäumel, entitled «Grace / Puppets», which can be heard below. The single is part of the label’s new X series, created as “a means to not worry about long vinyl manufacturing lead times and allow us to be more spontaneous with tracks that we feel should be immediately released to the world.

As further explained in the single’s press release, the producer had been feeling stuck, “unable to finish anything in months. To break out of this creative dead end, I decided a change of scenery would do me good and I moved into the Kompakt studio at their Cologne headquarters for a few days, working day and night without much interruption.” The rather nuanced result of that immersion on his work can be heard above and acquired in digital format at this location.

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