Dødsmaskin announce Ødelagt

Ever since its first release «Fullstendig Brent» in 2017, Norwegian drone industrial duo Dødsmaskin has had quite a prolific existence, with participations in the «Recrudescence» (alongside Nordvargr) and «Vol. 1 Dark Ambient» collaborations that same year and two cds released through Cyclic Law in 2018 (both available here).

On late April, Maryland based label Malignant Records will release the second Dødsmaskin LP, «Ødelagt». The label explains that the record’s approach differs considerably from one side to the other, with the first three tracks “encapsulating the Dødsmaskin style; cataclysmic vibrations of electro-acoustic and field recordings swelling to jarring, distortion heavy climaxes and tension filled scourge,” while the two that comprise the B side offer “the side of Dødsmaskin, that’s more flowing, cinematic, and drone based, where textures melt and swirl amid fragments of melody and less malevolent, quasi-kosmiche drift. It’s a respite from the sheer physicality of Side A, but collectively, it binds it all together into one cohesive and highly captivating whole.” Below, listen to the album’s second track, «Jernguden».

Mastered at the Black Knoll studio in New York by renowned composer Rafael Anton Irisarri, «Ødelagt» is set for release on digital and vinyl formats by Malignant Records on April 26. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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