JK Flesh to release EP and live collaboration with Orphx

It’s fair to say that 2019 is shaping up to be a bloody busy year for JK Flesh, the alias under which Justin Broadrick has steadily been putting out amazing industrial techno these days. These piece concerns the two recent announcements of the upcoming releases of the «In Your Pit» EP in Kevin Martin‘s Pressure label and the «Light Bringer» collaboration with Orphx in Dominick Fernow‘s Hospital Productions. As these are his third and fourth release of the year respectively, let us quickly recap the first two.

«Halved», a split between JK Flesh and debutant Klaska, was released on March 25 through Avalanche Records on digital format only. It can be obtained at this location through a “name your price” system. Regarding the collaborative release, the press release states that JK Flesh’s side “continues to explore his mutant outsider psychedelic industrial techno” and is “inspired by terrifying childhood visits to ‘haunted houses’ at fun fairs in seventies Birmingham,” whilst Klaska’s first tracks traverse “calculated ebm inflected techno with meticulous sound design but focussed on club dancefloors.” Things would get much slower soon after.

«Knights Of The Black Table», a split between JK Flesh and renowned producer Goth-Trad, was released on April 8 via Daymare Recordings (cd and digital) and Avalanche Records (digital only). It can be obtained here (cd) and here (digital). This is where things, as we mentioned, got slower. To put it bluntly, Goth-Trad has been referring to the album as “slow motion industrial dub techno” and everything on the JK Flesh side is under 100bpm.

This brings us back to «In Your Pit», whose story is best left to Kevin Martin to tell, “I’m as proud of dropping this epic 12″, as I was of being the person to release Godflesh ‘Love is a Dog from Hell’, many moons ago on my old label Pathological Records. This time around, Justin again redefines absolute heaviness, but in a club format, as he gets sociopathic with his homicidal riffs and deep space explorations. Absolute malevolence, a complete body slaughter.” Below, listen to the EP’s title track to get a glimpse of what the legendary producer is talking about.

«In Your Pit» is set for release on May 24 via Pressure Records on digital and vinyl formats, with pre-orders available here. The EP further contains two additional JK Flesh originals and a remix of the titular track embedded above by none other than The Bug, and whose result talks of Martin’s main moniker on “full doom riff mode.”

Finally, June will bring something old that’s new again. Concretely, it’ll bring the release of the «Light Bringer» live collaboration alongside industrial techno heavyweights Orphx. From its press release, it “documents with pristine detail and gravity the live collaborations between these two legends of early industrial techno and rhythmic noise.” The aforementioned performances took place in 2016’s Berlin Atonal and in 2017’s Katharsis event in Amsterdam.


«Light Bringer» is set for release on June 14 through Hospital Productions on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here, here (vinyl), and here (digital).

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