Yellow Eyes release song from «Rare Field Ceiling»

Less than two years have passed since the release of «Immersion Trench Reverie» by New York based black metal band Yellow Eyes in October 2017. Enough time for the quartet comprised of Sam and Will Skarstad, Michael Rekevics, and Alex Demaria to prepare and record its successor, «Rare Field Ceiling», which is currently set for an early Summer release. Its press release begins with alluring contradictions, stating that the album “is the coldest Yellow Eyes record to date, and it is also the warmest. It is the most inviting, the most alienating, the murkiest and the sharpest, always falling apart and yet held together by a dawning sense that within the thicket is a vision of majestic clarity.” Below, feast your ears on the second track from «Rare Field Ceiling», titled «No Dust».

If the song is not enough to get your expectations flying high, note the press release ends by stating that “in the cryptic, labyrinthine tradition of Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety, and early Blut Aus Nord, Yellow Eyes play black metal, uncompromising and unbound. Rare Field Ceiling is the latest statement in an increasingly significant and singular legacy.” Recorded in Yelping Hill during 2018, «Rare Field Ceiling» was produced by guitarist Sam Skarstad and features a guest appearance by Krallice guitarist and vocalist Mick Barr in the form of guitar improvisation at the end of Side A. Moreover, album closer «Maritime Flare» features vocals recorded in Krasnoyarsk Krai, in Siberia.

«Rare Field Ceiling» is set for release on July 1 through Gilead Media on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders for physical copies are available here (cd) and here (LP), whereas the digital version can be pre-ordered here.

Finally, note that according to Gilead Media’s website, 2019 will also see new full-length releases by both Mizmor and Ustalost.

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