An update on Yellow Eyes’s «Rare Field Ceiling»

Last April, we wrote a piece on the upcoming release of the new Yellow Eyes album, «Rare Field Ceiling». Then, the album had been hailed as their “coldest”, as well as their “warmest” one to date, and, amidst longer descriptions, its first single was released, «No Dust», which you can recall at the end of this text. More recently, «Light Delusion Curtain», the album’s third track, was made available for streaming. You can do so below, with the lyrics available immediately after the player. Further note that, judging by the announced length of each track, «Light Delusion Curtain» is very likely to be the end of Side A, implying that it could very well be the song featuring guitar improvisation by Mick Barr, of Krallice fame.

Slipping rib
Gas station fume
The stalled out wind put fingers on me
The meadow line showed darkness to me
Light delusion curtain


Old black mouth garage roared open
Damp rope teeth
Sharp baleen breath
Blue tarp wrinkled tongue said something
Unfinished thought

A massive shape is falling
She is calving
We are close
Great slipping rib
Gas station fume
Above an eerie light is forming
A massive shape is falling
We are close
Don’t know the height
I can no longer see the forest in this light

«Rare Field Ceiling» is set for release on June 28 through Gilead Media on digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (digital) and here (vinyl).

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