Meet Dold Vorde Ens Navn

Cover photo by Carl Eek Torgersen.
Dold Vorde Ens Navn
is the a new project formed by four musicians associated with some of the most ground breaking music to has ever been made in a black metal context. More concretely, vocals are handled by Vicotnik, the mastermind of the legendary Dødheimsgard, as well as guitarist and vocalist of the recently returned Ved Buens Ende, not to mention part of the current live incarnation of Strid; guitars come courtesy of former Ulver guitarist Haavard, who already has two masterpieces in his CV in «Bergtatt» and «Nattens Madrigal»; bass duties fall on Cerberus, who returns to activity more than twenty years after partaking in the «Satanic Art» EP by Dødheimsgard; while drumming is done by current Ved Buens Ende and Nidingr drummer Øyvind Myrvoll.

The band’s first release will be an EP titled «Gjengangere I Sinnets Mørke». Below, listen to a first teaser from one of the record’s songs, «Drukkenskapens Kirkegård».

It is currently unknown when, through which label, and in what formats the EP will be released. The track above was mixed and mastered by Chris Fielding of Skyhammer Studio fame.

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