Full of Hell release single with Lingua Ignota

Cover photo by Reid Haithcock.
When we last spoke of it in this piece, the only public track from Full of Hell‘s upcoming Relapse Records debut «Weeping Choir» was opener «Burning Myrrh». Since then, they released a video for «Silmaril» in the middle of April and have now released «Armory of Obsidian Glass». Let us begin with the former, which features guest vocals by Paulo Paguntalan and whose video, directed by Frank Huang, you can watch below.

As for «Armory of Obsidian Glass», the song features guest vocals by Lingua Ignota, whose statement regarding her contribution to it we reproduce below, just before the player in which you can listen to the song and recall the marvellous artwork created by Mark McCoy for the album.

‘Armory of Obsidian Glass’ rips, and is probably my favorite FOH track to date, so it was a great pleasure to work on it. I wanted my vocals to provide a counterpoint to all the savagery, to pick up on and accentuate harmonic things happening in the music in an unexpected way. I think the effect overall is chilling, wild, and I’m excited for people to hear it — many thanks to my friends for letting me contribute to this amazing song.

Lingua Ignota

«Weeping Choir» is set for release on May 17 through Relapse Records on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location, where all three currently available songs can be found together with their lyrics.

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