Label update: God Unknown | Singles Club

The time has come for a double update on the relentlessly busy label God Unknown. We last wrote about here them to make note of the ongoing fourth, and last, edition of their «Singles Club» series. Since then, not only has the series been ongoing with some fantastic music thereby seeing the light of day, but the label has kept itself busy with its regular releases. In this first part, we’ll look exclusively of developments pertaining to the «Singles Club» series, with all other releases and announcements covered in the second part.


Back then, three singles had been releases, namely, «The Crawling King» by Burning Axis, from their split with Bodies on Everest, «Gospal Lillies» by Årabrot, from their split with Radar Men From The Moon, and «Purple Aki» by Bruxa Maria, from the split with MoE. These splits were released in February, March, and April respectively, so let us look at their other sides.

After «The Crawling King» gave us a taste of what this whole “great beast Rock N Roll” is, the split takes a fascinating turn towards an apparently disjointed sequence of noise, bluegrass, lo-fi noise rock, and bluegrass again. That would be thanks to the highly addictive «Bar Window Theory» by Bodies on Everest, which apparently “is about killing people”, as strongly suggested by the spoken word samples spread throughout it.

«Burning Axis / Bodies on Everest» was released on February 22 on digital and vinyl formats and is available here.

A couple of weeks later, the Årabrot split with Radar Men From The Moon was complete, with the intense noise rock of the former complemented to prefection by the dirge-like psychedelic crawl of «We Wear Sadism On Our Sleeves», which you can hear below.

«Årabrot / Radar Men From The Moon» was released on March 8 on digital and vinyl formats and can be ordered here.

Contrasting takes on noise rock followed, with the heavy and fuzzy take of Bruxa Maria on the aforementioned «Purple Aki» juxtaposed with the punk overtones of the more groove laden «Dirty Dancing», by MoE.

«Bruxa Maria / MoE» was released on April 26 and is available at this location on digital and vinyl formats.

This month will see the release of one of the most anticipated entries of this year’s series, the one joining Kill Life w. Penny Rimbaud, Casual Sect, Acid Cannibals, and KLÄMP. Already available below are the doses of “non-prophet” noise punk by Causal Sect, «From Here To Insanity», and «Shoes», the first publicly known track by KLÄMP, the recently formed project uniting Jason Stöll (Mugstar and Sex Swing), Greg Wynne (Manatees), and producer Anton Caligula Maiof. Both tracks can be heard below, with contributions from the legendary Kill Life and the vegetable-fuelled punk of Acid Cannibals still to come.

«Kill Life w. Penny Rimbad / Casual Sect / Acid Cannibals / KLÄMP» is set for release on May 24 and can be pre-ordered here.

The following chapter is set for release on July 26 (pre-orders available here) with the release of «Daniel Bachmann, Forrest Marquisse & Ian McColm / Haress». As the latter’s contribution, titled «Odd Numbers Descending in Reverse Order» can already be heard below, let us first address it. Haress‘s music often displays close ties to minimalist drone with a penchant for bluesy elements. All their music is made by core guitar duo of David Hand and Elizabeth Still, with other musicians frequently joining in, as can be seen in their debut self-titled LP at this location.

With regards to the union of guitarist and drone musician Daniel Bachmann, musician and producer Forest Marquisse, and multi-instrumentalist Ian McColm, there is a rich history of collaborations amidst the trio, particularly with Marquisse often playing a role in Daniel Bachman’s records, as he did in «Brother Green» (mandolin and recording), «Perigee Moon / Bloodroot» (production and photography), «Jesus I’m A Sinner» (recording), «Oh Be Joyful» (recording), and on the collaboration with Ryley Walker titled «Of Deathly Premonitions» (recording). There is also «Taman Shud», a collaboration between Bachmann and McColm, and, finally, «The Morning Star», Bachmann’s last full-length album, whose first track «Invocation» features Forest Marquisse on fiddle, Bachmann on a twelve string guitar and tape, and McColn on harmonium, shruti box, electronics, bells, and percussion.

The final instalment of the split series of which a song has been made available is that uniting psychedelic folk duo The Left Outsiders and Mésange. The former’s track is titled «My Reflection Once was Me» and can be heard below. Regarding the latter, an idea can be formed by taking a listen to the duo’s «Gypsy Moth» and «Heliotrope», both available here, or by considering the press release’s description of music “possessed and steered by a solemn power that embraces the elements and careers through dense electric skies; exposing signs that flutter and flare in dark elegance.”

«The Left Outsiders / Mésange» is set for release on August 23 and is available for pre-orders in digital and vinyl formats at this location.

Further instalments have been announced, namely, one featuring The Cosmic Dead and Melting Hand, set for release on September 20 (pre-orders here), one joining Terry Gross and the New Rock Syndicate, slated for an October 18 release (pre-orders here), one with Harvestman and Markers, due on November 7 (pre-orders here), and, due on the same day, the one featuring the unholy union of Gum Takes Tooth with Girl Sweat Temple Ritual Band (pre-orders here).

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