Laster release video for «Schone schijn»

It’s been slightly over a month since the release of «Het wassen oog», the third Laster full-length and one the records of the years thus far, as far as we’re concerned. Since presenting the album live with a enthralling performance at this year’s Roadburn, things kept moving fast in the trio’s camp, as they were confirmed to play Shanghai and Beijing alongside the legendary Sigh later this year, released a new video and improved sounding versions of their previous albums.

The video, which you can watch below, is of «Schone schijn», the second song of «Het wassen oog», and comes described by the band as “a magic realist tale taking place in a tiny, tiny theater,” with the tag line “eyes shall turn into liquid, and we shall eventually see.” It was directed by Olaf Roukens, with direction of photography by Bats Bronsveld, make-up by Elvira Hilgevoord, and Stern Nordsiek as gaffer, and Lester Bel, Nadine Wijshof, Pim Sem Benjamin, and Titia Wong as actors.

Two years before all this, they’d released «Ons vrije fatum». Three before that, «De verste verte is hier». Both have now been remastered by Markus Stock at the Klangschmiede Studio and their new and improved versions can be heard below.

«Het wassen oog» was released by Prophecy Productions on April 5 and can be ordered at this location, as can the remastered versions of «De verste verte is hier» and «Ons vrije fatum».

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