Pa Vesh En announce «Pyrefication»

The enigmatic one-man black metal project Pa Vesh En is gearing to release its second full-length album «Pyrefication», thereby continuing its short bur rather prolific story of lo-fi madness. Despite it being only the second album, ever since the release of the «Knife Ritual» demo on December 2017, last year the band released a demo («Dead Womb»), an EP («A Ghost»), a split with «Temple Moon» and a full-length («Church of Bones»), while this year already saw the release of the «Cryptic Rites of Necromancy» EP, which you can hear at the end of this piece.

Pyrefication cover.jpg
«Pyrefication» album cover.

This ever shifting context is not lost in the album’s press release, which states that “thus far, Pa Vesh En has exhibited a stark ‘n’ unsettling style of black metal: from stifled-violence miserablism to seemingly formless drift, from bent-askew melodicism to echo-chamber murk, always with a tortured soul guiding everything.” As for the upcoming «Pyrefication», the album is stated to be “a total spiritual meltdown: this is the veritable sound of the soul collapsing inward and dying a most exquisite death.” The inspiration underlying said meltdown is drawn from within, with the artist locating “a wobbly, ever-so-delicate balance between Cryptic Rites of Necromancy’s ultraviolent hysteria and the murkier mystery of his earliest work, all done with spellbinding alchemy that makes for a miasmic 40-minute labyrinth.

Below, witness a first glance into «Pyrefication» by way of its third track, «Call of the Dead».

«Pyrefication» is set for release on August 23 through Iron Bonehead on cd and vinyl formats. Whilst pre-orders are not available for the record, much of Pa Vesh En’s previous work is available in cassette, cd, and vinyl formats at this location.

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