Dead Neanderthals announce «Ghosts»

Dead Neanderthals have announced the upcoming release of their next full-length album, «Ghosts», which will see them temporarily shed their duo format to include Skeletonwitch‘s guitarist Scott Hedrick alongside core members René Aquarius and Otto Kokke. The album is currently slated for an early fall release via Utech Records. Last month, the band stated that the album was on the verge of being completed, adding that “it’s the best we’ve ever done in terms of composition and production. Beyond excited!


At the time of writing of this piece, no further information regarding «Ghosts» has been made available. However, with how prolific the musicians behind Dead Neanderthals tend to be, there’s always a lot of recent history context to unpack. Their last full-length release was the fully electronic «Life», released in April last year, after which they embarked on a string of smaller records, namely, the collaborative track with Sly & The Family Drone for a split with Mai Mai Mai (part of the singles club vol. 3 by God Unknown) in May, and both the «Birth» and «Gestation» EP, from July and December (all four records can be found here and streamed at the end of this piece). Since then, they participated in »Songs In The Key Of D (or C)», an album of remixes of tracks by DRVG CVLTVRE released on March 26 by New York Haunted. The result is the “slow and heavy” techno that can be heard below (and acquired here).

Another associated 2019 release that is worth considering is «Isle», by René Aquarius. Released on May 24 by Zona Watusa, it’s a record crafted by combining field recordings with a “series of notes to add an atmosphere of melancholy and majesty,” all in order “to give the listener the feeling of being all alone on an island.” Mastered by Marlon Wolterink at White Noise Studio, it features graphic design by Rutger Zuydervelt, can be obtained in cassette format at this location and be streamed below.

You can follow Dead Neanderthals on Facebook and Twitter.

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