An update on Dead Neanderthals’ «Ghosts»

As we’d previously reported on here, Dead Neanderthals united forces with Skeletonwitch guitarist Scott Hedrick to create an album titled «Ghosts», which will see the light of day in the coming week through Utech Records. Since that first report, both of the album’s tracks, «Bone Hill» and «Death Bell» have been made available for exclusive streams over at Invisible Oranges and Revolver respectively (unfortunately, the latter is no longer available). Besides the interest in hearing the fantastic song that is «Bone Hill», both pieces include quotes from the musicians that illuminate the origin of their union (the original interaction can be found here) as well as their views regarding the album, whose artwork, created by Pierre Schmidt, can be seen below.


«Ghosts» is set for release on September 13 through Utech Records on digital and vinyl formats and it can be pre-ordered at this location. Its release comes at a rather prolific time for the band, particularly when it comes to its drummer René Aquarius. Ignoring the two releases mentioned in this earlier piece, he has been involved in five other records.

First, there’s «Putrid Necrotomy / Toutes les Couleurs de la Cacophonie Humorale» the debut split of Sneezing Pus with Size Vomi, a grindcore project featuring Aquarius alongside fellow Dossier Negro member Noel Kemper. The split, which can be heard below, was released on April 29 by EveryDayHate on digital and vinyl formats, both available here.

A couple of months later, on June 28 to be more precise, came «Woodland Sigil», released under his solo name and following a more field recordings approach to ambient and drone sounds. The album was released by Unfathomless on cd and digital formats, both available at this location.

It didn’t take the whole summer for another extreme release to see the light of day by way of Cryptae‘s «Vestigial», a fantastic one-song EP of minimalistic death doom released on August 16 by Sentient Ruin on digital and vinyl formats, which can be ordered here.

A week later it would be «Spasm Of Light» by Imperial Cult, the black metal project joining Aquarius to Turia‘s O. and T., that was jointly released by Amor Fati, Haeresis Noviomagi, and Sentient Ruin on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. We briefly wrote about it here, where you can also find links to order the album.

Finally, there is Horrid Apparition. Remember that piece we had about the debut demo «Evil Reigns» by Baphomet? Well, Baphomet is no more and the project now goes by the name of Horrid Apparition and the demo was officially released on August 30 by Redefining Darkness on cassette and digital formats and can be found here.

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