Baphomet introduce themselves with «Evil Reigns»

Meet Baphomet, the new project from the duo behind DungeönHammer. The band has kicked off its existence in direct fashion by simply releasing a two-song demo entitled «Evil Reigns», which you can hear below. Recording took place between Pantin (guitars and bass), Saint Cheron (vocals), and Winterswijk (drums). Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Marlon Wolterink at the White Noise Studio. The artwork, seen below, was created by Alex Morkh Shadrin of the Nether Temple Design (no relation).

As with DungeönHammer, so with Baphomet the musicians craft songs somewhere alongside the black-thrash axis. However, the former carried a punkier side to it, akin to Darkthrone during the mid naughts, and a whole lot of proper Celtic Frost / Hellhammer worshipping – don’t trust us on this, «Infernal Moon» can and should be heard at the end of this piece – Baphomet’s «Evil Reigns» is much more of an old school thrash affair, particularly in the vocal department, also reminiscent of a Tom, but a slightly older one. While the less than 10 minutes of duration of «Evil Reigns» don’t allow for much to be concluded, it is assuring to note that the more abstract characterization of a record like «Infernal Moon», an overload of good old school riffs with superb drumming, carries over entirely to the new project.

«Evil Reigns» was released on June 19 and can be obtained here on digital format. You can follow Baphomet on Facebook.

As for DungeönHammer, they concluded the new project announcement by stating “don’t worry, DungeönHammer still exists,” which is obviously reassuring.

«Infernal Moon» was released on October 10, 2018, by Me Saco un Ojo Records (digital and vinyl) and Pulverised Records (cd), with all three formats available here. You can follow DungeönHammer on Facebook.

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