A Pregnant Light returns with «Broken Play»

Good news for fans of Damian Master‘s work in his Colloquial Sound Recordings: he has just released the first A Pregnant Light (APL) full-length in five years, that is, since the release of the acclaimed «My Name Doesn’t Have A Game». During that period, the band remained active, releasing two demos and four EP, the latter of which, «Lucky All My Life», had quite an impact around here. The new album is called «Broken Play» and comes described as “the best sounding, most aggressive, and heart-wrenching APL to date.”

«Broken Play» was released on July 1 through Colloquial Sound Recordings on digital and vinyl formats. It can be ordered at this location, where a 23 page interview between Sam Vince and Damian Master can also be found (see picture below). Finally, note that the label has stated that it will soon have new releases by Obliti Devoravit, Dressed In Streams, and Secret Creation.


You can follow A Pregnant Light on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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