Meet Imperial Cult through «Spasm of Light»

Today, Imperial Cult have unveiled their first track, «Spasm Of Light», a mammoth of a thirty three minute-long black metal song, in which the trio’s relentless approach yields a droning sensation without ever venturing on drones in direct fashion (outside of the by now classic outro), as can be witnessed below.

The project, formed in 2016, unites members of Dead Neanderthals and Turia, among a vast series of other projects (Nusquama, Cryptae, Lubbert Das, Horrid Apparition, Solar Temple, Heavy Natural, Iskandr, Celestial BodiesPaean, and DungeönHammer), namely the former’s drummer René Aquarius and the latter’s guitarist and vocalist T. As stated in the press release for «Spasm Of Light», their “sound is constructed on repetitive, cyclical, and vorticose cyclones of furious raw black immersed in a storming haze of decaying ambient-noise that defies logic and sanity.

Thematically, the band is first presented as “a reconnaissance of an inherited culture of physical violence and material exploitation,” a present analysis built on historical grounds which they expanded upon in the statement below.

Marching towards self destruction, we must understand the inevitability of violence and quenchless nature of bloodshed. Imperial Cult refers to ancient forms of divine worship of emperors as deities, and the cognate contemporary worship of those who will ultimately destroy us. It is a call to power, to reclaim the sacrificial logic which enables our ruination…

«Spasm Of Light» is set for release on August 23 through Amor FatiHaeresis Noviomagi, and Sentient Ruin on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (all formats), here (cd and vinyl), and here (cd, digital, and vinyl). Per the CVLT Nation piece, one expects cassettes to become available at the Haeresis Noviomagi store in the near future.

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