An update on HIDE’s «Hell Is Here»

Back in June, we wrote a couple of pieces regarding industrial duo HIDE, one about their «Girl on Girl / Mommy» release as part of the Sub Pop singles club (here), and another on the upcoming release of their second full-length, «Hell Is Here» (here). Then, to promote the successor of «Castration Anxiety», the band released a gut-wrenching video for its opener, «Chainsaw» Now, we are a mere two days from its release and, in the meantime, a second single has seen video treatment, namely, album closer «Raw Dream».

The video for «Raw Dream», which you can see below, was shot by Eon Mora and edited by both Christopher Michael Hefner and HIDE. According to the press release for «Hell Is Here», the song “closes out the album with driving focus and a determination to calmly but not quietly move forward despite feeling beat down and powerless, as a response to it even.” Moreover, it comes described as “an anthem for the rise of the disenfranchised – a long overdue and joyous recalibration of an imbalance of power.

Let’s harvest this rotten fruit
hanging heavy
on the vine
You can smell it
everyone knows it’s time
Leave it here like an echo
I won’t forget
You won’t forget
This blade is dull
but with some work
we’ll remove what’s been
fucked from the inside
For all this time
All this time
It was yours
Now it’s mine
Fall silent as the sleeping sea
Under me
Death would be a gift
I won’t give it
Death should be your gift
I won’t give it
Spit in my face
I sharpen my teeth for this
Spit in my face
I sharpen my teeth
Spit in my face
I sharpen my teeth for this

«Hell Is Here» is set for release on August 23 through Dais Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (digital) and here (cd and vinyl).

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