Ledge announce «All I Hope For»

The John Hoffman led sludge duo Ledge have announced the upcoming release of «All I Hope For», their second full-lenght record, and released «Hanged», its third track. Following Weekend Nachos‘ demise between 2016 and 2017, the band’s frontman, Hoffman, created Ledge, a sludge outfit that enabled him to channel misery in a way that powerviolence perhaps couldn’t. A self-titled demo, a split with Disrotted, and the «Cold Hard Concrete» full-length followed, the latter already featuring Like Rats bassist Gozer on guitars.

For all the promise within those records, the first few seconds of «Hanged» show that the band’s sound has been taken to a new level. Upon the track’s premier, Hoffman spoke to Decibel, stating that he wanted “this album to sound less produced and more dirty” and that this was in part achieved by relying on a room mic from the drums. The whole recording ethos (and a good part of why we’re excited about this whole miserable affair) finds perhaps its finest illustration in the idea that the musician wanted it to sound “less like an ugly dude at the gym and more like an ugly dude in a dumpster.”

«All I Hope For» is set for release through Translation Loss on August 30 on cd, digital, and vinyl records. Pre-orders for each format can be respectively found here, here, and here. The album was recorded and mixed by Andy Nielson and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege.

Below, recap the band’s discography until now. Note that «Cold Hard Concrete» can be found here (cd, digital, and vinyl), whereas the demo and split record can only be obtained in digital format at this location.

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