Black Cilice announce «Transfixion of Spirits»

Notorious black metal entity Black Cilice is set to return to discographic activities via the release of «Transfixion of Spirits», their fifth full-length and the successor of 2017’s highly acclaimed «Banished From Time». According to the new record’s press statement, the band “wields sound as its own weapon,” doing so in an “elegant manner seemingly at odds with the stratifying frequencies that bombard and blanket the listener.” The text further points to the, perhaps increased this time around, degree of juxtaposition between a sound that is “in-the-red rawness to a superlative degree” while also carrying a “melancholic majesty that’s truly a splendour to behold,” going on to compare it to its predecessor by stating that whereas «Banished From Time» “portrayed a thicker, more strident violence”, in the upcoming album, the expression is “more spectral”, “no less hysteric or harrowing, its melodic misery springs forth like a geyser of grey, oppressive in its omnipresence and older than many generations of black metal itself.”

At the end of the day, it’s Black Cilice, so prose itself won’t do it. Hence, cure all your need for lo-fi art below with «Outerbody Incarnation», the third track of «Transfixion of Spirits», whose cover is also displayed.

«Transfixion of Spirits» is set for release on September 6 through Iron Bonehead on cassette, cd, and vinyl formats.


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