Uniform & The Body set to release second collaboration

The duos of Uniform and The Body have once again teamed up for a collaborative record, «Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back», after last year’s «Mental Wounds Heal Nothing». The new release comes with a title taken from Bruce Springsteen‘s «Atlantic City» and has been enticingly described as “the middle ground between Robyn and Corrupted, but weirder.” As happened the first time around, the upcoming album “was built over a series of collaborative sessions with Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets in Rhode Island, mixing industrial-influenced synths, squalls of harsh noise, manipulated guitar, oodles of samples along with hard rock-inspired riffs, saccharine pop, and the alternately antagonistic and harrowing vocals of Michael Berdan and Chip King.” The whole description hints at a more pop laden approach than that present in «Mental Wounds Heal Nothing». As if to drive this point home, the bands have released the album’s fifth track, «Penance», which you can hear below. The artwork displayed was created by Alex Barton, who had previously been The Body’s second drummer on «All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood» and contributed with additional guitars to «No One Deserves Happiness».

«Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back» is set for release on August 16 through Sacred Bones on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

You can follow Uniform on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter. You can follow The Body on Bandcamp and Facebook.

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