Petbrick releases second single of «I», featuring Dylan Walker

Petbrick‘s story is a heart warming, if familiar, one. A musician, Iggor Cavalera, watches a live band on a local venue, Big Lad at the Underworld, is impressed by them and subsequently begins a caffeine fuelled creative exchange with one of their musicians, Wayne Adams, leading to both creating something new, Petbrick. After releasing its self-titled debut EP last year, initially by themselves, later through Tartarus and Closed Casket Activities, the duo is now gearing up for its first full-length, entitled «I».

As the year 2020 fast approaches, and our surroundings frequently appear to be only a few steps short of resembling the kind of technologically-driven dystopia that previously was confined to the realm of fiction,” the press release for «I» states, “there still exists a peculiar shortage of music spiritually attuned to these treacherous times. Fortunately, a chance meeting between two disparate yet fundamentally akin visions is here to redress the balance.” The record’s first two tracks have been made available, i.e. the opener «Horse», streameable above, and «Radiation Facial», whose video sits below, and which features Dylan Walker as a guest vocalist. Full Of Hell‘s frontman is not the only guest on «I», being joined on that role by Dwid Hellion, the legendary Integrity vocalist, Laima Leyton from Mixhell, and Mutado Pintado from Warmduscher.

The video for «Radiation Facial» was made by James Alec Hardy, with Wayne Adams stating that “so slimmy, so weird, and damn classy! I think James has found that perfect line between cult, weird and the abstract that feeds directly from his primary practice as a visual artist. It feels very original, very intune with the music and really quite beautiful.

The press release for «I» further expands on the band’s path, quoting Iggor Cavalera as saying that “making horrible noise was the first concept behind Petbrick,” with Wayne adding that they were both “into a lot of weird electronic music, as well as some decent far out guitar stuff. For me personally I definitely pushed the electronics in a much harsher direction.” The record is ultimately described as “paint-stripping and deliriously potent, «I» is more than merely an exercise in the life-affirming flame of oppositional punk spirit scorching all or any musical boundaries in its path – it’s an uncompromising soundtrack to a short-circuiting new era. Yet rarely has the sound of global malfunction also been so much fun.”

«I» is set for release on October 25 through Rocket Recordings on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

You can follow Petbrick on Bandcamp and Facebook, and Rocket Recordings on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Twitter. Below, recall the band’s self-titled EP, which can still be ordered here in digital and vinyl formats.

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