Iron Lung to release «Performative Justice» by Electric Chair

Imagine KORO, DISORDER and BATTALION OF SAINTS mixed together and you start to get an idea of where the new ELECTRIC CHAIR EP starts off. It doesn’t sound like any of those bands but we just need you to keep that in your head. There ain’t much going on in there anyway right?

The quote above is the beginning of the press release for the new Electric Chair EP. The Olympia based band, formed by Beta Boys members David Kupsch and Trae Brown, had already released an EP last year, «Public Apology», and is now set to follow it with a 7” through renowned label Iron Lung. Titled «Performative Justice», it comes described as “frantic 80’s style hardcore punk punk punk,” something that “has been popping up more and more in the Nortwhest.” Below, listen to «Low», the opener of «Performative Justice».

«Performative Justice» is set for release on September 27 via Iron Lung on digital and vinyl formats, both of which can be ordered here.

You can follow Iron Lung on Bandcamp, Instagram, and Twitter.

Below, further recall «Public Apology», released on September 1, 2018, by Stucco, on digital and vinyl formats. The EP is still available at this location.

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