Benighted In Sodom announce «Carrier of Poison Apples»

For a while now, Matron Thorn had been teasing that his most personal project, Benighted In Sodom would release a very important album, «Carrier of Poison Apples», which will be the seventeenth full-length of the project. In late 2019, he’d stated that «Carrier of Poison Apples» was done and that it’d be “my most personal album so far, probably the most depressing (and catchy) music I’ve ever created,” not exactly an easy task given the musician’s prolific career. Then, in April this year, he elaborated upon the meaning of the album, saying that it “is a story about myself as a person, but its relatable for anyone,” adding that “we all live in an age where everyone is trying to out-occult each other with elaborate artworks made to look like their little heavy metal album was created in some old century and filled with esoteric knowledge. Sure, whatever. Its escapism like anything else, I get it, but I’m here to tell you that this isn’t that. There’s esoteric knowledge, but it’s not from a manuscript or grimoire, it’s from a lifetime of terrible events, living among strangers, criminality, transcendent depths of obsession, substance abuse, lust, violence, and other everyday parts of my life,” before finalising by declaring it to be “my magnum opus.” With all this said, listen to the record’s third track, «Open Heart, Open Grave», below.

«Carrier of Poison Apples» is set for release on December 13 through I, Voidhanger on cd and digital formats, the latter of which can be pre-ordered at this location.

You can follow Benighted In Sodom on bandcamp and facebook. Below, find the two previous 2019 releases from the project, «Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night» and the «Satanic Pleasant Melody» EP.

«Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night» was independently released on January 11 and is digitally available here.

«Satanic Pleasant Melody», dubbed as “the powerpop album” by the author, was independently released on October 4 and is digitally available here.

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