My Master The Sun to release «1000 Ogivas De Fel Cairão Sobre Ti»

Sludge quartet My Master The Sun is gearing up for the release of their second album, «1000 Ogivas De Fel Cairão Sobre Ti», Portuguese for something like “1000 warheads of bile shall fall on you.” The successor of the well received 2016 debut «A Arte Da Desobediência» was recorded, mastered, and mixed by Fernando Matias at the The Pentagon Audio Manufacturers, with the band joining him on production duties, and will be seeing the light of day in November. Its opener, «Fraco» (meaning weak) has been made available through a video directed and edited by José Dinis that can be seen below. Regarding the song, the band stated (we translated the song title so that the last sentence makes sense) that it “personifies everything we have within our reach that, in an easy and direct way, creates dependences and gives way to a loop of destruction and self-destruction from which we can’t, some times, escape. We are «Weak», as are you and everyone else.

«1000 Ogivas De Fel Cairão Sobre Ti» is set for release on November 16 through ragingplanet.

You can follow My Master The Sun on facebook and ragingplanet on facebook and bandcamp. Below, recall «A Arte Da Desobediência», initially released on May 14, 2016 and still available on cd and digital formats at this location.

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