Fukpig releases «More Bastards»

Ever since returning from a four year discographic hiatus with last year’s «Bastards», Fukpig‘s releases have not followed any traditional promotional cycle, with songs being released before the full thing is out. Instead, they simply appear in their entirety. That’s what they did last Saturday, when they released their new EP, described as “an angry rant at the state of the world”, on the same day London was flooded with anti-Brexit protesters as the British parliament voted to further delay the process, leading to Boris Johnson once again behaving like the piece of human garbage that he is. Appropriately titled «More Bastards», the new Fukpig EP can be heard below in its entirety.

«More Bastards» was released on October 19 by Devizes Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. It can be acquired here on physical format and here on digital.

You can follow Fukpig on bandcamp and facebook. Below, further recall last year’s return from the duo.

«Bastards» was released by Devizes on June 1, 2018. It can still be found on vinyl format here and digitally here.

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