Hissing to release «Burning Door»

One of the nastiest bands in action these days, Hissing, has announced the upcoming release of a new 12” EP entitled «Burning Door». Recall that last year they issued their full-length debut by way of «Permanent Destitution», a slab of disgusting black / death. Following their traditional alternation between metal releases with more experimental ones, the new EP is closer to the sounds heard on the split alongside Sutekh Hexen or on the riffless atrocities from their «MMXVI» demo. According to its press release, «Burning Door» represents a new chapter in the band’s “war against music” and “is the end result of a season’s worth of improvised recordings designed to unravel the fabric of orthodoxy and musical decency.” Moreover, the EP features guest contributions from Full of Hell‘s guitarist and noise maker Spencer Hazard, Eye of Nix‘s vocalist Joy Von Spain, and drummer Ted Byrnes. Below, listen to «Frayed Rhizome», the middle track from «Burning Door».

«Burning Door» is set for release on November 22 by Utech Records on cassette and digital formats. Pre-orders are available at this location. It features artwork by Kevin Gan Yuen and photography by Alexander Binder.

You can follow Hissing on bandcamp and facebook. Below, recall part of their previously released catalogue, starting with their cover of Godflesh‘s «Life is Easy» for the CVLT Nation compilation.

«Godflesh Streetcleaner: the CVLT Nation sessions» was released on October 2 and is available for free at this location.

«Permanent Destitution» was released by Profound Lore on October 26, 2018. It is still available on cd and digital formats here, and on vinyl here.

«Sutekh Hexen / Hissing» was released on October 6, 2017 by The Flenser on digital and vinyl formats, and by In Solace on cassette. The former two can be obtained here.

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