Sepulcros lift veil over debut «Vazio»

Cover picture by View From The Coffin.
Funeral death/doom quintet Sepulcros, self-described as the soundtrack of “a slow funeral procession to the grave, a tortuous yet ethereal march into the abyss of human existence,” will release its debut LP «Vazio» (Portuguese for “empty”) later this year, through Trascending Obscurity Records. Ahead of the occasion, the outfit featuring musicians also currently active in black/death trio Summon have had the title track of the album made public as part of the label’s 2020 sampler.

«Vazio» will be released later this year. Below, you can see its cover, designed by Mariusz Lewandowski, whose work has recently graced the covers of records by the likes of Mizmor, False, and Bell Witch.


You can follow Sepulcros on facebook and instagram.

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