ACxDC to release «Satan is King»

Californian collective Antichrist Demoncore (ACxDC) returned to existence last year, having previously disbanded in 2016, and are now about to release a new album, their first to come out through Prosthetic. Entitled «Satan Is King», the album is set to come out in a couple of weeks and three of its songs can already be heard. Talking to No Echo when they first streamed the album’s title track, the band’s vocalist Sergio Amalfitano divulged that the song itself “is a sort of fuck you to Kanye West and any evangelical type,” adding that their view of Satan on that song is that of a “rebellious liberator that’s king of his own domain,” in contrast with Jesus who “is an authoritarian demanding submission over all.” Below the record’s cover art, created by Dylan Garrett Smith, you can listen to «Gorged», «Satan Is King», and «Copsucker».


«Satan is King» is set for release on May 15 through Prosthetic Records on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here (all formats) and here (cd and vinyl only). The record was produced by Taylor Young and mastered by Brad Boatright.

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