Paradise Lost to release «Obsidian»

The doom metal institution that is Paradise Lord is gearing to the release of its sixteenth full-length, entitled «Obsidian». Arriving three years after «Medusa», the new record will, according to its press release, eschew “its immediate predecessors’ gruesome, myopic approach in favor of a richer and more dynamic deluge of black shades.” The feeling of increased variety is echoed by the band’s singer Nick Holmes, who says that «Obsidian» is “one of the most ecletic albums we have done in some time, we have miserable songs, sad songs, slow songs and faster songs. Did I mention miserable?

Two of the album’s tracks have been released as singles. First, there’s «Fall From Grace», a song Nick Holmes describes as being “about struggling through difficult times, and a point blank refusal to accept that the end is within range.” Its cinematic video can be seen below (no credits have been given for direction, acting, writing, editing, or producing).

The band has also released a video featuring Holmes and guitarist Greg Mackintosh discussing the single, which you can see below.

Of course, with an upcoming album that is being presented as a more diverse one, to merely display the song that more closely resembles its predecessor would be a peculiar choice. Thankfully, it is not one the band has taken, as they have also released the highly addictive «Ghosts», whose lyric video you can see below. The song “tips a cap to the goth rock music that was ubiquitous when we were teenagers” says Holmes, who adds that “even as young death metal fans, a lot of that old 80s music is still very much the soundtrack of our early lives. Lyrically, it’s about being haunted by the past and a shallow belief in something you hope will destroy the demons.” On the same topic, Greg points out that “there used to be a goth pub or club on every corner in the late 80s, and now there’s none. It’s just something I used to like at the time but daren’t admit to! Doing this as long as we have, I don’t care anymore, you know? The first album I bought was The Kids From Fame, so fuck it.

Regarding the writing of «Obsidian», Greg says that “we just sat down, had a think about it and said ‘let’s see what comes out!’” further adding that “I just wanted it to sound a little more polished than the last one and a little less caveman-like in the rhythm section!

The video discussing «Fall From Grace» is not the only that the band and Nuclear Blast have released featuring Holmes and Mackintosh talking about Paradise Lost related topics. Below, you can find Greg Mackintosh’s five essential lockdown items (together with a lovely suggestion on how to deal with monarchs) and, perhaps more interestingly, a chat with Nick and Greg about the scene from which Paradise Lost first spawned.

«Obsidian» is set for release on May 15 through Nuclear Blast on cd and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available at this location.

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