Alkerdeel announce «Slonk»

Ghent based quartet Alkerdeel has announced the released of its fourth full-length, «Slonk» (Flemish for shrunk). Keeping with their usual sense of humour, the record comes announced as thus: “as a damp and hot variant of the shit pile that sticks to the shoes after three steps in the yard around their rehearsal room: ALKERDEEL has spit out a spanking new album of black and doom metal,” further adding that it is “a sharp-witted discharge on which the jagged foursome destroys to create space and crafts an imaginary and hollow field where time actually ceases to exist (…) poignant when indispensable; autobiographical, only when the aesthetics and content can endure it.” Clear? Below, further bask on the glorious album cover of «Slonk».

«Slonk» is set for release on February 5 through Babylon Doom Cult and Consouling Sounds on cd, digital and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here and here, with the digital option becoming available on the band’s bandcamp upon the album’s release.

Further note that the release show for «Slonk», originally scheduled for February 2021, is now set to take place on February 26, 2022 at the Het Bos in Antwerp and, as initially planned, will also feature performances by Lubbert Das and the legendary Ved Buens Ende. Below, recap three deliciously nasty full-length endeavours already released by the band.

«Lede», with its glorious cover, was released by Consouling Sounds on April 15, 2016. It can still be found on cd, digital, and vinyl formats at this location.

«Morinde» was released by Consouling Sounds on February 24, 2012. It can be found on cd and digital formats here.

«De Speenzalvinge» was released on cd by At War With False Noise on May 8, 2010, and on vinyl by Babylon Doom Cult on February 23, 2017. It can be found here on digital and vinyl formats.

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