Cauteror and Soulwound demos revisited

Mories, the ever prolific mastermind behind Gnaw Their Tongues and a shitload of other projects, has been revisiting his own past. Before Gnaw Their Tongues there was Astral, Atrocious, De Magia Veterum, Eclipse, Ophiuchus (which later became Cloak Of Altering), and The Nefarious Cult. More relevant to this piece, before Gnaw Their Tongues, there was Cauteror, a melodic doom / death quartet that existed between 1991 and 1993, when it changed its name to Soulwound. Recently, the musician has unearthed the second Cauteror demo, «They fell…», as well as the first Soulwound demo, «An Undimensional Experience Of Beauty… But Behind The Mask You Find Filth…».

«They fell…» was originally released in 1992. As the musician explains “please be aware this was all before DAW’s and editing,” adding that while both were recorded on professional studios, “those are expensive, so we had one day of recording and one day of mixing. Most of the recordings are first takes. Us being poor students meant that our gear was pretty basic. All Marshalls valvestate combo’s and GEM keyboards.

«An Undimensional Experience Of Beauty… But Behind The Mask You Find Filth…» was originally released in 1993.

Mories further notes that both demo’s were digitized from tapes, “so the sound is wobbly sometimes. I did some very light compression/eq/mastering on the audio, but the sound is mostly like it was back in the day.” The releases can be found on digital format here with the name your price downloads containing a scan of the original tape sleeve.

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