Introducing Forhist, Vindsval’s new project

Vindsval, the mastermind behind Blut Aus Nord has unveiled yet another project, Forhist. The band’s music is said to be inspired by the 90s Norwegian black metal scene, with the multi-instrumentalist of course adding his own personality to the compositions. According to the press release for their upcoming self-titled debut, “eschewing experimentation, ‘avant-gardism’, the progressive and the dissonant, Forhist is purely a raw, intimate and poetic black metal act: a haunted dreamworld of harmonious yet savage riffs, deftly melodic leads, vocal malevolence, mystical choirs, escapist acoustics, perfectly-judged drumming and neo-gothic synth, all elevated by the inimitable mark of this composer-auteur.” That this is an apt description of the album, can begin to be confirmed through its opening track, «I», which can be heard below.

«Forhist» will be released on February 26 by Debemur Morti on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here.

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