Disrotted and Nadja release split

Rejoice drone fans, last Sunday saw the release of a split between the Berlin based super-prolific Canadian duo Nadja and Chicago trio Disrotted. Comprised of a mammoth sized track from each artist, «From The Lips Of A Ghost In The Shadow Of A Unicorn’s Dream» by Nadja and «Pastures For The Benighted» from Disrotted, the split can be heard below in its entirety.

«Nadja / Disrotted» was released on January 10 by Bad Moon Rising and Roman Numerals on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats. The digital and cassette versions can be ordered here, whilst vinyl orders will soon be available via Roman Numerals at this location. The Nadja piece was recorded on May 2020 at the Broken Spine Studios, whereas the Disrotted track was recorded between September 2019 and January 2020 by Adrian Kobziar at the Wall of Sound Recording in Chicago, with vocals separately recorded by Diego at Studio Dom in Tokyo and subsequent mastering by Pete Grossman at the Bricktop studios in Chicago. Below, recall the last couple of releases from each artist.

With 2020 and 2019 exclusively dedicated to live albums, Nadja’s last full-length, «Sonnborner», dates back to September 14, 2018. Released on digital and vinyl formats by Aiden Baker‘s own Broken Spine Productions and on cd by Daymare Recordings, it can be found here and streamed below.

A couple of months after «Sonnborner», Nadja released their third collaboration with Vampillia, at a time where they were touring Japan. Titled «Artificial Act Of God», it was released independently on November 26, 2018 on digital format, which can be found here.

On that same year of 2018, Disrotted released a live album. The year before, however, saw the release of a split with Cloud Rat, which you can hear below. «Cloud Rat / Disrotted» was released on May 17, 2017, through Dry Cough Records on digital and vinyl formats. The former can be purchased here.

Jumping forward two years, we find the last LP of Disrotted, the bleak dirge by the name of «Cryogenics», released on May 31, 2019, by Feast of Tentacles, Nerve Altar, and Grindfather Productions on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats, which can be ordered here (digital and vinyl) and here (cassette).

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