JK Flesh and Monrella release split

In industrial techno news, JK Flesh (Justin Broadrick of Godflesh, Jesu, Napalm Death, Zonal, and Techno Animal, among others) and Monrella (Mick Harris of Scorn, Lull, Extreme Noise Terror, and Napalm Death, among others) have released a split EP entitled «See Red». The two Birmingham legends describe the new release as comprised of “industrial/techno crushers dedicated to a collective Birmingham originated life of anger management,” further identifying “searing early Jeff Mills propulsion mixed with the violent industrial textures of early Throbbing Gristle” as reference point for the four tracks. The full EP can be head below.

«See Red» was released on January 18 by Avalanche Recordings on digital format. It can be acquired here. Moreover, a vinyl release is currently planned for “mid 2021.”

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