Listen to «Obârșie» by Sur Austru

Born of the ashes of Negură Bunget after the tragic passing of Negru, Romanian sextet Sur Austru will release its sophomore album «Obârșie» later this week. Ahead of the release, the entirety of the record has been made available on youtube and can be heard below. The album’s press release mentions a development of the sound of «Meteahna timpurilor» through the adding of “more layers of sounds, beautiful voices and choirs, massive sound walls, gloomy atmospheres, epic blast-beats as well as sacred traditional instruments, all in one single concept album.” As for the concept, it comes tied to the album’s title, the Romanian word for the overarching concept of origin, “whether it is the source of water in the mountains or an initiation ceremony.”

«Obârșie» is set for release on February 12 through Avantgarde on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders are available here.

Below, further revisit the band’s debut, «Meteahna timpurilor».

«Meteahna timpurilor» was released on September 10, 2019, through Avantgarde and is available here on cd, digital, and vinyl formats.

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