Cthonica to release «The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore»

Two years after their full-length debut, Venezuelan black death duo Cthonica are back with a new EP, entitled «The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore». Per its ever evoking press release, the upcoming release is one in which the band manages to “regurgitate another stomach-churning thirty-minute subterranean emanation of death ridden incantations and complete aural deformities, rummaging the depths of total perversion and abandon to unearth one of the most nauseating, primitive, and hallucinatory rituals of aural blasphemies to have been vomited out of South America in recent years.” It should be further noted that the album’s last song, «The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore (Black Flame Plague)» features a guest performance by M.A. (from Abstracter) on lead vocals. Below, listen to the EP’s second of three songs, «The Bonds of Infernal Abhorrence».

«The Lesser Incantations of Chthonic Lore» is set for release on March 5 by Sentient Ruin Laboratories on digital and vinyl formats, and by Caligari Records on cassette format. Pre-orders are available here (digital and vinyl) and here (cassette).

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