Neptunian Maximalism to release «Solar Drone Ceremony»

Authors of one of the most fantastic records from 2020 in «Eons», Neptunian Maximalism have announced their return with «Solar Drone Ceremony». As the press release explains, the new composition was recorded live in Belgium last year and is set to take the listener “on a new cosmic trip through the lands of drone doom metal, free jazz and psychedelic music… and this time you will be eyewitnesses of such a grandiose musical quest!” After all, the upcoming album will also be available on DVD format, which, together with the cover art by French painter Hervé Scott Flament turn it into “audio-visual odyssey documenting a band at its maximum splendour, working at full steam to pierce the veil of our narrow world and open new vistas on lush mental landscapes.” Below, witness an excerpt from «Solar Drone Ceremony»

«Solar Drone Ceremony» is set for release on April 23 via I, Voidhanger on digital and vinyl+dvd formats. Pre-orders are available here.

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