Defacement to release self-titled album

Utrecht based black death trio Defacement has announced the upcoming release of its self-titled sophomore album. The band had previously release a self-produced debut titled «Deviant» (which you can stream at the end of this piece), showcasing an impressive quality in the creation off suffocating blackened death metal of the contemporary cavernous ilk. As the press release of the upcoming «Defacement» explains, the album stands as a “statement of utter violence and despair against the endless inner struggle caused by the growing lack of meaning in this thing we call life.” A first example of the maddening black death in store for all of us in September can be heard below by way of «Disenchanted».

Bloody good track, right? The album’s recording, mixing, and mastering took place at the sadly demised Catacomben Studios in Utrecht, with drums recorded at the HK Studios. The beautiful cover art seen above is a painting by Dusty Ray.

«Defacement» is set for release on September 3 through I, Voidhanger on cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here, here, and here. Below, further recall «Deviant», initially self-released on digital format on January 12, 2019, later released in tape form by Lifeless Chasm on November 25 of the same year.

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