Listen to Bière Noire’s debut LP «Pièce Secrète»

Ahead of its release next month, Bière Noire is streaming the entirety of its debut LP, «Pièce Secrète». The solo project of SATAN‘s vocalist Leo Vittoz had already released a pair of 7” EP showcasing the hybrid of death rock, black metal, post punk, French new wave, neofolk, and industrial that characterizes this full-length debut. Per its press-release, «Pièce Secrète», which you can hear below, takes all of the influences and obsessions of its author and filters them “deliberately lo-fi production, delivering an eerie atmosphere as well as a surrealist, out-of-time sonic experience.

«Pièce Secrète» is set for release on September 3 through Throatruinner and Croux on digital and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found here and here. The album was recorded and mixed by Bière Noire, was mastered by Michael Lawrence, and contains additional vocals by both Alice Vallonia and Victor Dvnkel.

Below, revisit the two earlier releases of Bière Noire. First, «Abracadavérique» was released by Les Disques Anonymes on March 22, 2018 and can still be found here on digital and vinyl formats. The stream below only contains an excerpt of the EP.

Almost two years later, «Pleine Lune» was released by Croux on January 1, 2020, and can still be found here on digital and vinyl formats.

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