Under Attack to release «Preservation’s Crash»

A couple of years ago, Dave Witte (Municipal Waste) and Mark Telfian (ex-Limp Wrist) “connected at a party in Richmond, VA. After many meetings at Dave’s food truck, Go Go Vegan Go, they talked about forming a brutal hardcore band with no gimmicks.” The result of that chat was Under Attack, completed by bassist/vocalist Jason Hodges (Suppression, Oozing Meat), and vocalist Alex Copeland. They got together early in 2019, released a demo on April that year, a 7” entitled «Through The Blade» was put out by Iron Lung Records on August the same year, and earlier this year released a split with the legendary Seein’ Red through AutoReverse and Way Back When Records. Later this month, they will release a new EP entitled «Preservation’s Crash», which “continues with the band’s dark and aggressive driving force of 89s punk and hardcore influence – with this release, really committing to leaning into Dave’s impossibly fast, hard-hitting, manic, but uncompromising drum skills to complement Alex’s scummy vocals. This sonic assault is a mere extension of the lyrical message: in short, anger and frustration with life and society. The hostility of religious institutions that ferment self loathing. Coping with depression through life’s hardships.” Below, you can watch the video created by Displaced / Replaced for the EP’s last song, «Die Already».

«Preservation’s Crash» is set for release on August 27 through Three One G Records on digital and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found here (digital) and here (vinyl).

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