Ænigmatum to release «Deconsecrate»

Cover photo by Devin Tolman.

Portland based purveyors of technical black death Ænigmatum will release their second full-length, «Deconsecrate», later this week and you can already hear the album’s opener, closer, and another song in between. As the press release states, throughout the album “the pace is frenetic, speed is never a crutch to be relied upon but rather one deliberate device in a sprawling collection of melodically precise and technically riveting fragmented death shards,” adding that the eight songs of the album “constitute a labyrinthian structure of twisting nuanced complexity and intricate explosive chaos.” Sounds appealing? Then let’s waste no more time and get right to its opener, «Forged From Bedlam».

After the acclaimed release of their self-titled album back in 2019, the band released a demo last year entitled «Adorned In Wrath», in a joint effort with Seed Of Doom, Burning Coffin, and Headsplit Records, where they said to be “exploring darker atmospheres and even more sinister themes to take the listener on a wild ride full of twists and turns.” The demo was supposed to give a glimpse into «Deconsecrate» and, indeed, its second track, «Disenthralled», made its way into the album and can be heard below in its current version.

Finally, you can also witness the closing song of the record, «Animus Reflection».

«Deconsecrate» is set for release on August 13 via 20 Buck Spin on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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