Listen to «Perfect Prison» by Ropes of Night

One of the most anticipated post-punk releases of recent times for us is «Impossible Space» by Ropes of Night, on which we recently reported, at a time where only its opener «Another Closing Door» had been revealed. Recall, the album came described as “uptempo sad bastard music that isn’t afraid to be accessible, almost pop, but in its essence never forgets that at the very core post punk was, is and always will be punk rock.” The band has now released a new single, «Perfect Prison», which is the third song on the full-length. As the video description states, “after the almost danceable uptempo first single «Another Closing Door» this song shows another side of this band: a minimalistic, heartbroken semi-ballad of sorts, not afraid to embrace a pop sentiment and blissful gloom at the same time.” In short, it’s a beautiful song, as you can check below.

«Impossible Space» is set for release on September 3 via Golden Antenna Records and Tartarus Records. Pre-orders are available here (digital and cassette) and here (cd, digital, and vinyl).

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