Francis Root and Sconsacrata to release split album

Later this week, Trepanation Records will release a split between Francis Root and Sconsacrata, two new names in black metal. The two are solo projects from Beggar members Jake Leyland (guitars) and Charlie Davis (bass, vocals) respectively. As the label explains, “their abiding passion for black metal has led them each to develop, in isolation, the boundary-pushing sounds on display here.” Judging by the two songs already revealed, boundary-pushing is indeed a proper descriptor.

The Francis Root side is said to be “a hugely expansive and expressive suite of four tracks that range from tremolo-picked rushes of melody to churning, angular grooves, peppered with elements of electronica. The approach throughout is progressive and from the outset, with opener «A Pale Shimmer», we are submerged in a highly evocative underworld of sound.” Quite fittingly, it is indeed «A Pale Shimmer» that has been made available for streaming, which you can do below.

On the other hand, the Sconsacrata side goes towards “unorthodox blackened abjection,” with influences from “lo-fi punk- and thrash-influenced side of the genre all the while feasting on “darkly psychedelic synth work.” Moreover, fans of the more experimental side of black metal should get excited, as it strays “into industrial and techno territory, the electronic elements are anchored among frantic blasts and caustic vocals culminating in the breathless apex of «Narcosatanic Insurgent».” Alas, said apex remains to be revealed, with only the second track of Sconsacrata’s side, «My Work is Not Yet Done», available for streaming,

The Francis Root and Sconsacrata split is set for release on August 20 via Trepanation Records on cassette, cd, and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here.

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