Listen to «Dona Sete» by Mehenet

As we had excitedly reported on a couple of weeks ago, New Orleans based black metal outfit Mehenet is set to release «Ng’ambu», their second LP, early next month. Then, the band had revealed its fiery album’s closer, «The Mystery of Nations». Since then, they went for the opener, «Dona Sete», which you can hear below after an initial exclusive stream through Invisible Oranges. It is worth mentioning that piece not just due to proper journalistic practices, but because of the band’s provided them with an explanation (which we partially quote) regarding «Dona Sete», an entity which “throbs with Life and Desire,” one which “arrives full of lust and ambition, with a critical discernment, with absolute command; a destroyer of limitations,” adding that the song is the “flagship” for the new album and explaining its start as a salute to their “past mothers and fathers, the house, and of course our own spirits in general.” Finally, they explain that “with Dona Sete, by her força [Portuguese for by her strength], what is dead comes back, what was defeated is now crowned and conquering, what is Woman becomes ineffable and yet somehow remains intensely visceral,” which connects with the broader theme of the album as it sees the band moving from a reflection “on the dead, on dead mysteries, on a dying history” in previous albums, to this one, where “the dead are not moribund – they laugh as their bones are stirred. They are people of a very quiet place. They do not possess us with nostalgic memories. They have come to manifest new possibilities, to challenge our assumptions and our self impositions.”

«Ng’ambu» is set for release on September 10 through Gilead Media and Stygian Black Hand on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders can be found here (cd, digital, and vinyl coming soon) and here (cassette and digital).

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