Meet Stingray, London’s newest purveyors of filthy punk hardcore

In a couple of weeks, La Vida Es Un Mus will release «Feeding Time», the debut EP by Stingray. The band features Tin Savage (from Asid and Mankind) on vocals, Luca Selvaggio (Gutter Knife) and Nicky Rat (from Arms Race, Game, and Subdued) on guitars, Nick Sarnella (Abolition, Arms Race, and The Chisel) on bass, and Rich Clarke (Chain of Flowers) on drums. Below, listen to the EP’s opening track, «Feeding Time», which is pretty much the filth you’d expect given the quintet’s other endeavours.

As the press release puts it, what we have is “putrefacting punk gnashing between metal stained flourishes of hateful competence and a touch of total rhythmic lobotomy. Tin Savage’s fantastic growled vocals trample his unmistakable London drawl across the five muscular and sickening tracks.” As if all this weren’t enough, recording and mixing were handled by the mighty Jonah Falco, mastering happened at the hands of Will Killingsworth at the Dead Air Studios and the artwork, which you can see below in its full glory while streaming the EP’s second track «Electric Elimination», was created by Tin Savage and Nicky Rat.

«Feeding Time» is set for release on September 17 through La Vida Es Un Mus on digital and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found here.

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