Full of Hell to release «Garden of Burning Apparitions»

Cover photo by Jess Dankmeyer.

Extreme metal juggernauts Full of Hell will very soon release «Garden of Burning Apparitions», their fifth full-length album during a career that has only recently crossed the ten years mark, but has already seen them more than shed the grindcore category they were tagged with early on, as well as collaborate with the likes of White Hell, Merzbow, The Body, and Health. The new album “sees vocalist Dylan Walker exploring (anti)religion, life’s impermanence and the fear that comes with knowing death is inescapable,” and comes described as a “genre-bending blitzkrieg of hardcore, grind and death metal.” Case in point, witness «Industrial Messiah Complex» below, through a video created by Richard Rankin with Aimee Fiest and Alex Wynne.

It should be noted that «Garden of Burning Apparitions» goes way beyond the aforementioned genres, with the press release highlighting the fact that “guitarist Spencer Hazard and bassist Sam DiGristine‘s monstrous riffs now have an added noise-rock influence.” This is clearly illustrated in the record’s second single, «Reeking Tunnels», whose video created by Richard Rankin with Aimee Fiest can be seen below.

«Garden of Burning Apparitions» is set for release on October 1 through Relapse Records on cassette, cd, digital, and vinyl formats, whose pre-orders can be found at this location. Finally, note that the album was produced by Seth Manchester at Machines With Magnets and its cover art, reproduced below, was created by Mark McCoy.

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