The Silver to release «Ward of Roses»

Romanticism and goth are set to meet with black metal on The Silver‘s debut «Ward of Roses», a “record that is at once extreme and exposed, horrific yet beautiful,” and explores “anxiety, love, loss, and the matters that make us all too human.” The band is made up of the well known faces of Jamie and Matt Knox from Horrendous and Enrique Sagarnaga from Crypt Sermon, as well as the new face of vocalist Nick Duchemin. The band’s name stems from metallurgy, as its namesake material “can only reach its intended shape, state, and purpose when hammered, set ablaze, and struck again. As the hymns of Ward of Roses suggest, we are tempered through all of our life experiences and traumas, emerging only after we have leapt through the flames of our personal abysses.” Below, listen to the second track of «Ward of Roses», entitled «Fallow».

«Ward of Roses» is set for release on October 15 by Gilead Media on cd and digital formats. Pre-orders can be found here. A second single, «Breathe», can now also be streamed exclusively over at this location, courtesy of Decibel. The album was recorded by Brad Omen at the Convent in Philadelphia, subsequently mixed and mastered by Damian Herring and features artwork and layout by Paul Romano.

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