I, Voidhanger to release Wreche’s sophomore album

Earlier this year, avant-garde black metal project Wreche released its second full-length, «All My Dreams Came Through» on digital and cassette formats. Next month, I, Voidhanger will give it a much deserved cd treatment. The album, which you can hear below, was written by the band’s sole composer John Steven Morgan entirely for “a magicla piano and furious drums,” with melodies that “are often moving, completely imbued with the same grandeur of Arcturus, Ulver, and Emperor caught in their most romantic, mesmerizing, and thoughtful moments. Sometimes, however, John Steven Morgan’s piano likes to draw mysterious and apocalyptic scenarios, dropping the dramatic power of classical and symphonic music in a black metal context.”

«All My Dreams Came True» was originally released on May 14 through Acephale Winter and Handsmade on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats formats. Its cd release is set for October 4 via I, Voidhanger and can be ordered here. The digital and vinyl versions can still be found at this location.

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