Sørgelig to release «Slaves of Tomorrow»

The world is fucked, and Sørgelig know it.” Formed in 2017, black metal quintet Sørgelig have since release two full-lengths, three EP, and a four-way split with Akantha, Nimbifer, and Hajduk. The band is now gearing up to release their fourth EP, «Slaves of Tomorrow», which is set to see “the nihilistic five piece exploring new kinds of violence to deliver a striking triptych of punk-influenced black metal apocalypticism, dedicated to our perpetual struggles.” The band’s drummer, guitarist, and vocalist N.D. explains that that experimentation with sound was always part of the band’s ethos, with their 2019’s EP «Devoted to Nothingness» being “closer to the Portuguese scene,” whereas the upcoming «Slaves of Tomorrow» has a healthy reek of crust punk. Fittingly, the band explains, “we about the majority of people that are poor and their plight, how we all live in a neverending slavery – and the problems we face as an unavoidable result of it.” Below, witness the EP’s final track, «Στη Φυλακή των Νεκρών Ονείρων».

«Slaves of Tomorrow» is set for release on October 5 through His Wounds and Repose Records on cassette, digital, and vinyl formats. Pre-orders for the digital version can be found here.

Slave for the industry
Filled with fake dreams
No future
Blindfold and chained

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